2/12/2017 -3/12/2017

Your Questions. Straight Answers.

In the weeks leading up to this series, we asked our Journey members and attenders what big unanswered questions they had that they wished we would talk about. asked for it!

In this teaching series, we'll discover the answers to some of life's biggest questions and looking at what God's Word has to say about it.

What's The Difference Between Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha? - Mike Cooper

What makes Christianity different from all the other religions in the world? What makes Jesus different than Muhammad, Buddha and other beings who are being worshipped? You asked, we answered. In this powerful new message, you'll discover what makes Jesus different and what it means to be a follower of Christ.

How Do I Recognize God's Voice? - Danny Torres

It's not always easy to hear God's voice in a sea of worldly noises and chaos. We often misunderstand or we're unable to hear what God is really telling us. In this insightful new message, you'll discover how God speaks to us and how to know if it's really God's voice you're hearing.

Are There Any Sins God Doesn't Forgive? - Ricky Ortiz

Many of us have a difficult time forgiving ourselves and others. We wonder if true forgiveness is really achievable from those we have hurt and disappointed. Lucky for us, we have a God that loves us unconditionally and gives endless grace. In this powerful message, guest speaker, Pastor Ricky Ortiz, explains if there are any sins God doesn't forgive and how we can learn to forgive ourselves.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? - Rob Wright

We've all asked this question: why do bad things happen to good people? We've all suffered and felt the pain of loss and grief and we often ask, how could God let this happen to me? In this powerful message, we'll discuss some steps to do when those bad things happen to you and what God plans to do in your life.

Are We Living in the End Times? - Mike Cooper

The Bible prophecies many events that will occur in the end times. The Bible tells us what happens during the end times but not when it will occur. When that time comes, will you be ready? In this powerful message, you'll discover some useful information to help you prepare for the end times.

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