10/2/2016 - 11/20/2016

Sixty-six books, written by forty people over nearly 2,000 years, in two languages and several different genres. A worldwide best-seller, published in many translations and languages. The Bible is much more than a book of stories and rules from the past. It's rich with a relevant message that God has for us today.

Act I: When I Need a Fresh Start

When you’re at your lowest moment, ready for a fresh start, what does God offer? HOPE. The message of hope is that you can find a fresh start. You can begin again. That is God’s promise. And that is a miracle. The miracle of God giving you a fresh start is one of his greatest miracles of all. In this powerful new message, we’ll look at what God does for you when you need a fresh start.

Act II: When Life Makes No Sense

When life makes no sense, our first thought is to freeze and wait. But God’s answer is not to be still but to get moving. Why? Because the miracle is on the other side. Could it be that God may have caused a disruption in our lives to get us to listen to Him and to move forward in our lives? But what we have to do is something that is the complete opposite of control. SURRENDER. In this powerful new message, you’ll discover three areas of our lives that we need to surrender to God.

Act III: When I’ve Lost My Way

When you’re feeling like life has no purpose and you’ve lost your way, God wants you to know that He has a plan for your life. All you have to do is come to Him. In this new message, you’ll discover some useful steps for God to use you and help get you back on track.

Act IV: When I’m Waiting on God

When you feel like God has abandoned you, it’s easy to say that God has forgotten about you, that he simply doesn’t care. When things aren’t going the way you had hoped or planned and bad things just keep happening in your life, we’re quick to blame God. But we need to believe and have faith that God is just preparing us for something even greater than what we had planned for ourselves. In this new message, you’ll discover why God puts you through the waiting period and that He is always with us.

Act VI: When I’m Hoping for a Miracle

What happens when our life gets put on hold or when we become stuck? We all have seasons in our lives like this. The key questions is not, will you get stuck but what will you do when life gets sticky? This is where the Bible comes in. Every person in the Bible had to deal with discouragement and learning how to bounce back when they got stuck. In this exciting new message, you’ll discover what to do when God is silent and you’re waiting on a miracle.

Act VII: When I Don’t Know What to Believe

How did we get to a label where people associate negativity with Christianity rather than positive things? We all can agree this is not what Christ had in mind. If you want to get to the purest form of our faith – the one that Jesus had intended – it’s to help others in distress and to keep yourself from being affected by culture and the world. When we see this thru the lens of the entire world, we realize that we are indeed rich in this present world. Our goal in life is not necessarily to get rich but to be rich in what God has blessed us with. And so, in this message, Pastor Mike walks us through three things we are to be rich in. If we do these three things, then no doubt our label will change.

Act VIII: Where My Story Fits in All This

What is God asking you to do in or with your life? Have you ever felt like you, your life was meant for so much  more? God has a divine plan for your life. He has a calling specially and specifically for you. But how can you know what God is calling you to do? In this powerful new message, you’ll discover how God’s amazing story becomes your story. After all, God created us to be the hero of our own story.

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