Getting Back to the Basics

9/3/2017 - 9/24/2017

In a world enamored with the latest innovations and an American church prone to forgetting what it is really doing - we bring you Old School: Getting Back to the Basics. It is our hope to re-inspire our people to live the mission of Jesus and to re-explore some of the classic traditions of the church.

So, tune in each week as we laugh out loud, relive some memories, dream about the future and look back to the basics to follow the commandments as told to us by none other than, Jesus. 

How to Study God's Word

Pastor Mike Cooper

Sunday, September 03, 2017

When we were in high school most of us were given a superlative by our peers…Best Smile, Most Likely to Succeed, etc. But when we look at our lives, spiritually speaking, if we were to have a superlative it would be something like this…Most Like Christ. That’s our goal, to become more and more like Christ. Life is less about us, and more about him. In this powerful message, we’re going to talk about God’s Word – the Bible – and why it matters to our lives.

How to Pray Bold Prayers

Pastor Mike Cooper

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Prayer is one of the most important and the most foundational habit to increase your faith in God. One prayer, prayed the right way, could change the course of your life. But what prayers do you pray? How do you draw closer to God thru prayer? In this powerful message, you’ll discover four very bold and dangerous prayers, that when prayed, it’s guaranteed to change your life.

How to Use Money Wisely

Pastor Mike Cooper

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Greed is a sign that you’re not trusting God with my money. And when we manage our finances with the assumption that it’s all for our consumption – it will leave us stressed out, worried and needing God’s help. There is a better way to handle your finances. In this insightful message, Pastor Mike walks you through the Book of Proverbs and gives you five rules for wise financial management to better live our lives.

How to Make My Life Count

Pastor Mike Cooper

Sunday, September 24, 2017

One of the most dangerous places for a follower of Jesus to get to is a place where they never share their faith. A place where their faith becomes inward and more self-centered, than focused on others. A place where instead of loving those far from God, they judge those far from God. And instead of reaching out to them, they retreat and run from them. So, how do we share our faith with others? In this powerful message, you’ll be given four tips on how to make your life count by living out your purpose and sharing your faith with others.

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