1/15/2017 -2/5/2017

What makes some teams work, and others not? Why do some fail, some succeed? 

It's all about the way the teams come together as a community. Teams that have comradery together are more likely to succeed than the ones who act as individual players. It's not about strictly the commitment to the cause.  

Our goal as a whole "team" of believers is to grow spiritually. But if you want to grow spiritually, commitment isn't enough. You must be connected to grow in your faith. That's what COMMUNITY is all about. It's to help you realize why we need one another and how we can help each other grow like never before this year. Because life really is better together. 

Why We Need Each Other

We live in a very connected world. At any point, we can connect with anyone and everyone all over the world and yet people are lonelier than ever. The quality of someone's life hinders on this one word: relationships. In this powerful message, you'll discover the  types of people you need to surround yourself with and how God will connect you to them.

How We Help Each Other Grow

As a church, we wanna give you the best opportunity to grow in your faith. From Sunday services to Growth groups, to community service events, it is our job to help you grow and become more like Jesus. In this powerful message, you'll discover four way to grow deeper in your faith and learn to commit to your spiritual growth.

Loving My Neighborhood

How many of us don't really know our neighbors? We live in a connected world and yet we're more disconnected than ever especially when it comes to our neighbors. Being connected to others is so important. Because at some point, life happens. You need people to help lift you up when you can't lift yourself. In this powerful message, you'll discover how to display the hope and love of Jesus and open your heart to those in need.

Reaching Out Together

As believers, we have one mission - to reach out to others and share the Word of Jesus and our faith. But it's not always as easy as it sounds. In this powerful message, you'll discover the model for sharing God's message to others.

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